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„Modern Trends of Unfair Competition on the Internet Space”
29.10.2019   10432 Views   
AbstractThe article approaches world trends of reorientation of TV and outdoor advertisingtowards Internet. However, in the process of on-line space occupation, unfaircompetitors continue to commit unfair competition acts, which are often manifested byinadequate advertising. At the same time, in the article there are elucidated the particularities of unfair competition acts identified in the on-line space, being presentedas well the case law of the competition authority from Republic of Moldova. The article contains as well the argumentation of the necessity of
Tax adjustment in dynamic global development
06.06.2018   6886 Views   
This paper focuses on examining the issue of granting tax incentives in the form of State aid and aligning these incentives to the provisions of the acquis communautaire
The ”Competition” magazine (no. 5/2017)
06.04.2017   3646 Views   
The ”Competition” magazine (no. 4/2016)
21.07.2016   4028 Views   
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