The Competition Council dissociates itself from the appeared information in the public space regarding the sanctioning of the undertakings on the oil products market

In the context of the appeared information  in the mass-media on the alleged outcome of the investigation regarding the signs of the competition legislation violation on the oil products market, the Competition Council communicates the following:

Currently, the Competition Council is at the stage of preparing the administrative act. As a result, the Plenum of the Competition Council will adopt a decision on the case, which will be a public administrative act, liable to judicial control.

Until the moment of examination of the draft decision at the meeting of the Plenum of the Competition Council and the issuance of the administrative act, it cannot be known whether, following the assessment of the accumulated evidence, the observations and the hearing of the parties, the decision-making collegiate body will find or not the existence of violations of the competition law in the examined case and, respectively, will apply sanctions or not.

Thus, the public statements made by the President of the Competition Council regarding this file within a TV show were taken out of context and misinterpreted by some media sources. Moreover, he expressly made it clear that he could not say at this stage if the undertakings concerned "are to be sanctioned".

The Competition Council reiterates its dissociation from any information on the case that appeared in the public space until the adoption of a legal and motivated decision in this regard.


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