Summary of the Plenum Competition Council Decision no ASS-56 as of 28.07.2015

The National  Agency  for Competition Protection  received  a complaint  from the Employers'  association of cable television  operators  "Nord" where it is claimed the violation  of Article 6 of the Law no.ll 03-XIV  of 30.06.2000 on the protection of competition  by J.S.C. "RED Nord-Vest" and J.S.C. "RED Nord".

The   Association    claims   that   RED   Nord-Vest   and,   afterwards   with   an additional  complaint,  RED Nord   increased  tariffs for the suspension of TV cables on electricity  pillars  from 36 lei to 79 lei. Taking into account  that increased  prices are  not  affordable  to  the  cable  operators,   a  situation   which   will  worsen   the financial  situation  of many TV operators,  which  in the end  will have to stop their activity, for those that operate  in towns and villages,  an alternative  other than RED Nord-Vest and RED Nord does not exist.

Taking  into  account  the  analyzed  information  no signs  were  found  in the actions  of  RED  Nord  and  RED  Nord-Vest  on  establishing high  pricing  for  the service provided  to cable operators.

Based on the findings, taking into account the Moldovan  legislation, the Competition Council  Plenum  decided  to cease examination of the case initiated  by order  no. 60 of 27.10.2011 in relation  to no infringement of Article  6 letter h) of the Law  no.ll 03-XIV  of 30.06.2000 on  the  protection  of competition by J.S.C. "RED Nord-Vest" and J.S.C. "RED Nord".

Decizia Plenului Consiliului Concurenței Nr. ASS-56 din 28.07.2015
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