Summary of the Competition Council Plenum Decision no. CN-16/19-07 as of 25.02.2020

In fact, on 08.05.2019, through the Disposition no. 16 of the Plenum of the Competition Council, there was ordered to initiation of the investigation regarding the alleged anti-competitive actions of the „VILOTERM" LLC undertaking realized in relation to the „SIMPLEX-Co" LLC undertaking.

As a result of the investigation, the Competition Council found a violation of art. 15 lit. b) of the Competition Law no. 183 of 11.07.2012, manifested by the spread by "VILOTERM" LLC of false statements about the products sold by its competitor during the 2019 year, statements that harm the activity of the competitor and set a fine in the amount of 192,433.75 lei.



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